MSc in Financial Engineering

MSc in Financial Engineering

The largest financial engineering program in the world is 100% online and tuition-free for everyone.

This field is on the rise as financial innovation across the globe drives demand for analytics and data science training.

From evaluating statistics to econometric modeling, our students learn advanced skills that can be applied across industries. Graduates are well positioned for careers in securities, banking, and financial management as well as in general manufacturing and service firms that increasingly rely on the expertise of quantitative analysts.

Designed by industry experts, WorldQuant University’s program integrates mathematical, statistical, and computer science tools with finance theory in a completely online and collaborative setting. Graduates are positioned to excel in today’s highly collaborative, fast-paced, professional environments.

The two-year program consists of nine graduate-level courses and a Capstone Course during which students complete a culminating project. The courses are sequentially taught and build on one another. Taking one course at a time allows you to earn your degree without disrupting your life.

All courses are delivered online and focus on applied projects.

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