Solving Together


In the past months, IT leaders and teams have faced difficult challenges. We’ve been working together with many of you to solve these challenges.

In this conference, we’ll share learnings and solutions that we’re finding to be the most helpful: whether your organization is recovering, adjusting or building for the future.

Machine Learning APIs


In this session, we will work through labs in the Machine Learning APIs quest on Qwiklabs.

Machine Learning APIs is an advanced quest that will give you hands-on practice machine learning APIs by taking labs like Implementing an AI Chatbot with Dialogflow. 

Data science for public health: Working with public COVID-19 data sets


Data plays a critical role in researching, studying, and combating public health emergencies. In April, Google released select public health data sets—and tools that can analyze them at cloud scale—at no charge, to support the COVID-19 research process. Learn how you can use BigQuery and other Google tools with these public data sets to draw insights and visualize your data.

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